“After installing new strings and a Frirsz tailpiece on my cello, I could not eliminate the wolf tone. My teacher Marina Hayes suggested I contact Yordan Popov of Orpheus violins. I made an appointment and went to Virginia Beach to see him. His shop sits at the far corner of the upper floor of a very non-descript building. Walking in you can see that this is a man ho knows what he is doing. Various string instruments are all around his shop, either tastefully displayed or carefully hung as many are in some state of repair. His shop has the feel of an old world workshop, so full of warmth and character. I explained my problem and played the cello and Yordan immediately went to work. He found my bridge was not aligned properly and fixed that. Also the distance between the strings and bridge were not what they should be. He removed my sound post and determined it was not fitted correctly and was not fully engaged with the top and bottom of the cello. He sat at his workbench and carefully worked on this most important piece. Our conversation ceased as he focused intently on his work. After carefully changing the shape, he took his time to re position and align it. The result was the wolf tone was completely eliminated and my cello never sounded better. As long as Yordan is working, I will not go anywhere else. I highly recommend him for his expertise and knowledge.
You will not find a better luthier anywhere.”

Rev. Douglas D. Gestwick
Yorktown, VA February 2016

“From instrument repair to bow rehairing, Yordan offers expert, friendly service. I send my students to Yordan for his timely work and reasonable rates.”
Christina Morton, Suzuki Violin and Cello Teacher

“Dear Mr. Popov,
I wanted to thank you for the marvelous things you did to my viola. It sounds so much better than before. It is a pleasure to play and teach with it.”
Cathy Stevens

“Music is very important to our family and keeping our stringed instruments in excellent shape can be a challenge. We have been thrilled to have Mr. Popov provide high quality, full service to our string instruments. He has helped us with routine service, such as bow rehairs. He uses a high quality hair and completes the rehairs in a timely fashion. In addition, he has been able to make adjustments and solve major problems with our instruments. His work improved the performance and allowed for easier, more productive practice. Mr. Popov is a kind and sincere man who loves his work and approaches it like the art that it is.We are very grateful to have him in our area.”
Kim Willett