About me

Yordan Popov has been a professional luthier building and restoring fine instruments and bows since 1987.

“I was born in Plovdiv Bulgaria and graduated the Stringed Instruments Making Department of the Technical School for Wood Carving and Interior Design in Plovdiv from 1981 – 1985. After graduating I immediately began working at Orpheus, violin and guitar making factory, which is located in Plovdiv Bulgaria. I spent a couple of years there making violins and guitars. In the year of 2000, my family and I moved to the United States of America where I had the opportunity to immediately begin working my passion. I spent about ten years working in local violin shops. I had the pleasure to repair and restore all types of stringed instruments, focusing on finer violins and bows. Some of the names that have crossed my bench include Amati, Guarnerius, Testore, Calcanius, Mezzadri, Vuillaume, Sivestre, Lupot, Cappa, Ceruti, Postiglione, Scarampella, and many more. Since October 9, 2012 I established my own shop (atelie) in Virginia Beach Virginia. I wanted to peruse helping local musicians with the repair and restoration of their loved instruments.”