Colin G. Nicholls, Northolt, 1999, (7/8 Size)

English Violin by Colin G. Nicholls, Northolt, 1999, marked "CGN",Inscribed to the inside back, inside top, inside lower rib, and inside upper rib. Only a few miles from Heathrow airport, Colin Nicholls builds but a handful of superb violins each year. His eleven years as violin maker and restorer with W.E. Hill and Sons show clearly in this instrument. Spending much of his time with the restoration of old Italian instruments, Mr. Nicholls has the unique opportunity to study he Cremona masters and to learn their secrets. Instrument "CGN" has a back length of 348 mm. We consider Colin Nicholls to be the best of the modern British makers.
This violin has a marvelous warm singing tone, very rich with beautiful complexity and sizzle. It's even from lows to highs, no weaknesses or wolfs. It is forgiving and responds easily, a joy to play. It projects well with good volume. Lots of potential and for the professional!
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